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Training for your organization

The training provided by Hardsecure has a strong practical component due to the extensive knowledge that our auditors and consultants have in real/practical environments. In our training, we transpose this knowledge to the academic world, in order to make known the best practices in terms of Cybersecurity.

In addition, we provide partnerships with national and international entities with which we share information, we managed to feed a set of activities aimed at the practical acquisition of knowledge, skills, and attitudes required for the exercise of functions in the areas of security, thus allowing greater flexibility for organizations to face a difficult to predict future.

Participants will acquire knowledge on good practices to be used to implement within the scope of Security and Cybersecurity in an organizational context and in cooperation with third parties.

The Standard Training Areas provided by Hardsecure are as follows, based on international standards and frameworks. If you want to know the contents/modules of the training, you should send an email to geral@hardsecure.com requesting this information:

  • Hardening of servers and network assets
  • PTES
  • Safe Development
  • Information security
  • Forensic Analysis
  • Responding to Computer Security Incidents
  • Phishing Awareness 

Training can be tailored to the needs of the institution, in order to provide a more assertive and appropriate response. Its duration is variable and always depends on the skills of the target audience.



Hardsecure's training courses are presented in a purely practical model with:

  • Sessions based on practical exercises, based on complete and real case studies, including role-plays, discussions and presentation of the various topics in the training.
  • Support exercises, provision of tools, systems, and case development processes.
  • Availability of lab and testing environments, in some scenarios with malware for behavioral, heuristic and forensic study.