Third-Party Risk Management

Here at Hardsecure we have been helping a lot of companies to build their Third-Party Risk Management programs and we have been doing so because of two main reasons: 

1st Reason

The world is interconnected, and we need to Exchange data with other networks on a daily basis. This raises questions like:

•    What´s the risk for my data in it?
•     Can my data be exposed while in a foreign network? 
•    How is their Cyber-Security performance? 
•    Do they comply with the current legislation like GDPR or International frameworks like ISO 27001? 
•    How can I have visibility towards my entire Supply Chain?

2nd Reason  

•    Legal pressure! GDPR, ISO 27001, NIST all of these frameworks and legislations save a specific article for Third-Party Vendors Security Assessment and your liability in case of a data breach and it´s a lot of pressure because at any time you need to have an archive and a method that can evaluate their Cyber-Security Posture.


How can we help you?

Hardsecure includes in its SOC as a Service – H-SOC the possibility of outsourcing this extremely important tasks to us and obtain Scale and Visibility towards your entire Supply Chain!

Main Benefits:

•    Bring visibility of Cyber-Risk to all your Supply-Chain;
•    Create and maintain a Third-Party Risk Program that will comply with current and new legislation;
•    Establish a collaborative environment with all Vendors and raise awareness among them for the newest trends of threats;
•    Onboard the new vendors
•    On-site audits when required;
•    Questionnaires elaboration
•    Questionnaires automatization;
•    Vendors benchmarking. 

Are curious to know how your most critical vendors might be performing, ask us and we will help you to find out!

Interested in knowing what a Hacker can see of you? Ask for a free sample report of the Security Score Card!