Red Team

Red Teams are vital intelligence source of information available to enhance the readiness of your company towards the polymorphisms of the Cyber-threats. By having a Red Team acting as a Hacker in your Network, your defence systems are constantly tested against unconventional attacks and therefore more resilient. A little like a vaccination, the RED TEAM from Hardsecure will strengthen your defences against unconventional threats otherwise not detected by the conventional defences and so becoming more resilient.


Why us?

The extensive work we have been doing in forensics, pentesting, auditing and also our Cyber-Intelligence unit that provides constant information to several players in the Cyber-spheres, allows us to provide state of the art services with the more updated techniques from Bad actors, reengineered in the service of your company´s defence. Highly skilled and experienced personnel scavenges the Dark Web looking for new forms of threats and also run several codes written by us, that will make your company more resilient and faster to respond.