ISO 22301 – Business Continuity

At Hardsecure we think that Business Continuity should have a strong commitment from the Board.  If in one hand, should keep their data as safe as they can, on the other hand having a Business Continuity Plan will prevent them from facing the current Cyber-Security risks without a plan B. 
We understand Risk and by understanding it we know the measure it and prioritize it by building strong procedures to mitigate some and build Business Continuity plans to the risks we most certainly need to absorb. 


Why Hardsecure?

We understand Risk!
We have a vast experience implementing this type of procedure and, our military background embedded us to think, at all times, about Risk and doing sharp and solid decisions towards it keeping all things up and running. Hardsecure will help you keep your business running in the face of a potential disaster with damage control and agile responses. 



How we do it?

Assure the continuity of operations in the face of an event that will prevent all resources from providing a regular flow of activity throughout the organization. This is applied to both logical and physical infrastructure not to mention personnel. 
Business Continuity Management or BCM establish a strategic and operational structure suitable for:

  • Proactively improve the organization´s resilience mitigating the risk of business interruption and reducing the time of response to incidents.
  • Recover the operation using a systemic recovery method in the shortest period of time in the face of a critical event.
  • Provide management with the skills to face Business Interruption avoiding serious impact to the Business itself and therefore containing the Reputational Risk drawn towards the company.
  • Building content to create both involvement and awareness throughout the organization

In sum to build a successful BCM very precise instructions, full awareness of all involved and practice! More than a plan, Business Continuity is a state of mind!