Security Audits for IOS and Android

At the time of planning a mobile app security audit, you should identify what resources are being handled by the mobile application, what type of information to store on the mobile device, and what information is being transmitted. Depending on the application security requirements and criticality, different security analysis techniques may be applied to each mobile application, including mobile app audit -Mobile app analysis, mobile app data transmission security, and Endpoint security analysis. This is a preparation that we at Hardsecure set as a standard procedure before these kinds of Audits.

Here at Hardsecure, we Audit all IOS and Android Apps/DBs using a combination of OWASP framework and our own framework, in order to search for Security breaches.  The framework includes some of the following points.

What can be done?

Here Hardsecure we will Audit all IOS and Android Apps using a combination of the OWASP framework and our own framework to search for Security defaults.  

This is the framework we use:

M1: Weak Server Side Controls

M2: Insecure Data Storage

M3: Insufficient Transport Layer Protection

M4: Unintended Data Leakage

M5: Poor Authorization and Authentication

M6: Broken Cryptography

M7: Client-Side Injection

M8: Security Decisions Via Untrusted Inputs

M9: Improper Session Handling

M10: Lack of Binary Protections


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