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About Us


Hardsecure started in 2008, in the city of Lisbon by elements with a vast background in National Cyber-Intelligence and Cyber-Security.

The company grew due to the exponential increase in the amount and sophistication of the computer attacks. Hackers have been systematically changing their techniques and the attack vectors, which brings a crucial need for a more proactive information security system in place.

This proactivity of the information security system is shown by adopting more security policies that guarantee confidentiality, integrity, authenticity, non-repudiation of your information, as well through the effective functioning of the IT infrastructure.  In addition, organizations must be prepared to face threats at the level of cyber-attacks through the adoption of cyber-security capabilities that guarantee 360º visibility, mitigation and blocking, through the use of internal capabilities, to ensure the heuristic and behavioral analysis of traffic in the data network, preventing the occurrence of cyber-attacks from any part of the world that may damage directly or indirectly your organization. Hardsecure is the perfect partner to help your organization to be prepared for the ever-changing threats and cyber-attacks.



Implement innovative frameworks and methodologies with added value in the areas of Security and Cybersecurity in Information Systems, with the objective of increasing productivity in a safe and sustained manner and total satisfaction of customers, partners, and stakeholders.
Offer organizations access to information in an effective way. Guarantee the confidentiality, availability, integrity, and authenticity of the information, obtained through the interconnection of their networks with external networks.





  • CUSTOMER COMMITMENT: To exceed customer expectations, through innovative work methodologies, accompanied by the provision of added-value services.
  • COMPETENCE AND ETHICS: Providing high-quality indices in the services provided, determined by a sense of professionalism and a spirit of partnership.
  • INNOVATION: Innovate through the proposed work models, processes, services, and business models, so that they offer competitive advantages to customers and results that create value.
  • RESEARCH AND DEVELOPMENT: An area of excellence that we intend to maintain for the future, given the evolution and complexity that cybersecurity faces today.