Research & Development


Early detection and rapid investigation are critical to avoid attacks and assure the ability to respond to threats. But a large number of alerts, inadequate information and a lack of visibility can prevent organizations from performing these important tasks.

Hardsecure's Research and Development processes provide knowledge of the contexts in which attacks are carried out, their visibility throughout the infrastructure, coding knowledge, advanced intelligence and insights gained from the frontline experience, responding to the most advanced threats in the world cybersecurity. In this way, we are able to achieve the final objectives, going through the phases of detection, screening, investigation and minimizing the impact of attacks.


At the Development level, we carry out:

  • New vectors of social engineering;
  • New exploits in order to analyze the heuristics and the behavior of security assets installed in an infrastructure;
  • Analysis of malware in laboratory environments, for study and behavioral analysis, as well as to feed our Knowledge Base.




We develop methodologies, procedures, and processes merged into a single tool that clearly allows:

  • Monitor, track and alert assets with information from an organization, whether these assets are inside or outside the institution;
  • Ensure that changes to assets are alerted, in order to guarantee their initial compliance.



We are working on methodologies, procedures, and processes merged into a single tool that clearly allows:

  • An internal audit of an entity in order to ensure compliance with international safety standards;
  • Monitor, track and alert assets that have undergone any change process, with associated risk.